Talk About a Chlorophyll Hit!


Last week I was in Vegas for the 70.3 Ironman World Championship! Oh.. no no…. I wasn’t racing, but my really super special somebody was!!  We had a very relaxing trip, in addition to the race we did lots of reading, sunning, and a went on a stunner of a kayak ride from the Hoover Dam along the Colorado river! We paddled back and forth from Nevada to Arizona, stopping at hot pools and bath-water warm waterfalls; The twenty-some kilometer glide was a real adventure, winding through ancient lava and stone formations – not a bad way to introduce me to the United States (seeing as this was my first trip to this neighboring country).

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the company, and the race itself… although, I did spend over half of it in traffic trying to actually get to where I was able to spectate.  One thing that I did not enjoy, was the realization that I do not function as optimally as I would like – while outside of my comfort zone. Outside of my home, my space, my sanctuary. Not that anyone who doesn’t know me would be able to tell, but those close sure could.  My system was all out of sorts, my regular inner schedule was completely off. I felt like I was in a time warp, the days were so much longer than they are at home, and I was eating things that I otherwise very rarely would have.  I suppose maybe this wasn’t a new realization, more of a reminder.  As spontaneous and carefree as I would like to imagine I can be – I am just one of those people who likes to have a schedule. It doesn’t at all need to be a schedule that is always the same, but a simple guideline that keeps me on track both mentally and physically.  Perhaps, next time I travel I should remember to take time in the morning to ritualistically map out some space for just me.  Some space in which I can regroup, reflect and rejuvenate all at once.


Now that I have been back for a few days and have had a chance to regroup, my body very clearly screamed at me to replenish. My typical nutrient dense food intake needed a giant kick-start, a big whack of pure awesomeness delivered as quickly as possible.  I’ve been loading up on fresh pressed juices, cleansing with lemon, raw honey and spices, and tonight for dinner I made a supercharged cold soup.  I thought about making a green smoothie, but a green sort of gazpacho won out. Something in a bowl, not a glass. Something that required a spoon. Nothing sweet, only herbs and greens with a touch of citrus.


 Kick Butt Chlorophyll Gazpacho

1 Medium Zucchini
1 Medium Avocado
1 Large Lemon
1 Bunch of Lacinato Kale
1 Cup Baby Spinach
1 Cup Baby Red Chard
1 Bunch Cilantro
1 Purple Bell Pepper
1 Clove of Garlic
1 Cup of Water
Splash of Chia or Flax Oil
Fresh Black Pepper & Chunky Himalayan Salt

Wash up all the greens, the lemon, zucchini and the pepper. Zest and juice the lemon, chop the pepper, zucchini and avocado. Put everything into a blender, reserving a bit of both the zest and the avocado for garnish. Add the water, then whirl away until it’s smooth and beautiful. Drizzle with oil, dust with fresh ground black pepper and the chunky pink salt, top with remaining avocado and lemon zest – enjoy!



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