Lemon Macaroons… the perfect blend of sweet and tart!


Yum.   Really….  seriously… yum!

I have made macaroons a grand total of twice.. ever.  Once cooked, and I didn’t like them at all – and these ones.  Which are divine. An exceptional blend of exotic coconut, tart lemon and raw honey.  They are just perfect, especially for the summer season.


Coconut is so super healthy, especially for those following a vegan diet as vegans can often be lacking medium-chain fatty acids. Coconut is antiviral and can be particularly helpful countering viral flare ups in those with a lowered or compromised immune system. Coconut is antimicrobial, antifungal, and boasts a high antioxidant content, all around just a fantastic tropical nut.  I recently purchased a jar of raw coconut butter, as well as my typical raw coconut oil…  the smell of that butter, oh my…  it’s so rich and beautiful.   I feel so lucky that my store shelves are every week becoming more and more stocked with amazing raw finds like that.  The awareness that is reaching people all over, encircling anyone who is willing to listen – it’s perfect.  Being able to choose between raw, unrefined, natural foods.. and processed foods.  Having the literature readily available whether in print, or online about what heavily processed foods do to the body, and having science to back it up.. it’s so helpful.  I think that the combination of dollar voting for organic, whole, raw, ethical, local etc… and the abundant information available virtually everywhere is an amazing start to a nourishment shift. A food shift.  A life, humanity, planetary shift.  I love it!


Lemon Macaroons

1 Cup Raw Almond Meal
1 Cup Raw Dried Coconut Flakes (plus a bit extra for rolling)
4 Tbsp Raw Coconut Butter
2 Tbsp Raw Coconut Oil
1 Lemon
2-4 Tbsp Raw Honey

As with lots of raw treats, assembling these macaroons is incredibly simple. If your almonds are whole, blitz them in a food processor until they are finely ground. Zest and juice the lemon. In a large bowl mix the almond meal, lemon zest, coconut flakes, coconut butter and coconut oil. The mixture will be a bit crumbly – then add the lemon juice. The addition of the lemon juice will obviously moisten your mixture, then begin adding the honey 1 tablespoon at a time. I’d suggest tasting after 2 tablespoons of honey, depending on whether you are wanting a sweet or more of a tart treat.  Once it’s to your desired sweetness, form into small bite sized balls and roll in a touch more dried coconut flakes. Sit them on some wax paper in the fridge to firm up.  Store them in the fridge if they are not going to be used right away.



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