Oh! How I love edible flowers…


One of my very favorite things about flowers….  is eating them. What a beautiful thing, being able to eat the showy face of some of the flowers growing both in the wild and my own little potted garden! I’m not just talking the spicy bite that you get from popping a chive blossom into your mouth….  but the delightful sensory experience as a whole!


This time of year is perfect for experimenting with raw, wild, amazing herbs and flowers. Adding them into salads, into and on top of desserts, brewing them as tea, infusing water & lemonade, anything your beautiful & creative mind can think of!  I use dried flowers a lot in things like ice cream and teas, primarily in the winter when the scents of summer have long since faded.  Summer, however, is the greatest opportunity by far; enriching every meal with a beautiful show of color, texture, kick, and originality.


I find that planting my own flowers and herbs is a great way to add versatility to everyday meals, medicinal benefits, new flavor components… you name it. Having hand planted many of them, as well as ensuring that they are organically grown and harvested with love… this will transfer perfectly right into my body, bringing glorious pops of sunshine to every single cell.


Some of my favorite edible flowers include:

  • Calendula (also known as marigold) – Slightly peppery
  • Nasturtiums – Peppery yet sweet
  • Pansy – Mostly used for their visual appeal, pansies have a slightly sweet taste
  • Purple Violets – Slightly sweet, pleasant crispness
  • Wild Roses – Sweet and irreplacably aromatic
  • Begonias – Nice and crisp to bite, very mild flavor
  • Hibiscus – Bitter, citrus rind or cranberry type taste
  • Squash Blossoms – Beautiful when left plain or stuffed with something delightful
  • Allium – Purple flowers from the onion/garlic family, they are quite spicy
  • Clover Blossoms – Mild and beautiful


How can you not have a massive smile while eating something as beautiful as a spring blossom filled salad?


2 thoughts on “Oh! How I love edible flowers…

  1. So beautiful and inspiring! 🙂 I too love herbs and edible flowers – so much. 🙂 It is winter here in Australia, but I still have nasturtiums flowering and that pleases me no end. 🙂 I didn’t think about using dried flowers in winter – that is brilliant!

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