Happy Mornings.. & Slow-food Breakfast


I love breakfast.    Easily my favorite meal of the day.   Typically – also the meal I tend to forgo on work days.  Whizzing up a smoothie and heading out the door is my usual routine, nothing like the slow sweet enjoyment of weekend breakfasts.   Weekend breakfasts…..  I take time to eat, I dial it right back… slow way down and actually savor everything that lay before me.   There’s something so special about slow-food, connecting with what you’re eating and being in the moment. Today, was a perfect morning for just that.


Starting this beautiful sunny Saturday at 6am with a giant jar filled with greens (yes it’s actually so green is appears black)..  absolutely wonderful.  What a glorious way to energize my body without a caffeine jolt!  My new home has a very large, very sunny east facing bay type window, second only to the kitchen – that window is my favorite spot to be while indoors.  Since moving into this house, I have been blessed with an abundance of natural light.  With that.. comes the ability to rise with the sun. Nice and early, my rooms are flooded with sunshine and up I get.  Well… up we get…


A curious and loving face inches slowly towards the head of my bed, giving little licks up my arm to let me know she’s ready to begin the day.  Here is where our morning ritual starts.  A jar full of glorious greens, and breakfast made to be enjoyed in the sunshine with my kitty – welcoming the day in a big way.  Savoring each bite of this breakfast bowl…. took me at least 25 minutes. Seriously.  I find great value in waking slowly, giving every part of my body time to adjust for the day.  Not just waking up and moments later rushing out the door and into early morning traffic is fantastic, a feeling I need to cherish more during the work week. This lovely Saturday, I made an agreement with myself to do exactly that – cherish each morning, enjoy it slowly. Start the day off properly.


Breakfast of Champions – Early Morning Bowl

1/2 Cup Cooked Red Rice
1/3 Cup Warmed Brown Basmati Milk (or whatever milk you enjoy)
True Cinnamon (and any other warming spice you fancy)
A Handful of Flax Seeds
Piles of Your Favorite Fruits
Dollop of Coconut Yogurt

The rice can be cooked in advance, and used for up to three days if kept sealed in the fridge. Scoop about half a cup of the rice into a nice, deep bowl. Sprinkle with as much cinnamon (clove, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, or warming spice of your choice) as you like. I like lots! Slowly warm the basmati milk on the stove, and pour over the rice just before it begins to boil. Top with fruit – I used blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and pear, flax, and a nice big dollop of coconut yogurt…..   Now the best part…

Enjoy. It. Slowly.


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