Loading on the positive

Happy Saturday!  Today is a real beauty here on my tiny part of the planet!  The sun is shining, beaming down beautiful rays, reflecting off the abundance of snow that fell this week. Lovely!  Sitting, looking out my window watching the birds go by,  I love my Saturdays.

Something that I have been thinking a lot about lately is being kinder – to myself.  I keep having these realizations…. that everything starts with self. Everything.  It makes perfect sense that being kinder to myself would result in being kinder to absolutely everyone, everything.  I’ve heard so many times people talking about how they treat themselves vs how they treat others.  How our emotional selves wouldn’t want to put up with someone bullying us – yet we bully ourselves.  It really is true. Eh?


This here is the ceiling above my bed, that’s the last thing I see before shutting my light off at night…. and the first thing I see in the morning.  It might look silly to some people…  but it really helps me.  One of my favorite pictures up there says “what we see, depends mainly on what we look for” – I love this. I LOVE this.  If you really think about that…. chew it up a bit..  it’s completely true.  I love it.  It has totally changed my outlook on things, even if I can’t always help being annoyed or upset….. I can at least recognize that when I am in a mood, I am looking for more things to fuel my fire … instead of put it out.  This has helped to really bring about a sense of peace deep within me, a real knowing that by just changing my attitude I will change everything.    Now,  it’s just applying this to daily life…  Because, well you know, when you’re a bit grumpy…..  sometimes you just don’t want to assess why you’re grumpy, you just want to be.   Well, for me anyway.


This is in my bathroom…  right beside the mirror.  A reason for me to stop and be mindful, even if just for a minute. To read those words and hold them in my heart – the result is profound healing. Honest.

Little signs like that are all over my apartment, on my door right beside the deadbolt is a photo of a very old woman, with loads and loads of wrinkles – smiling with all her heart. Her face makes me smile,  every single time I see her.  I think that having pictures of smiling faces – whether I know them or not – is a really healthy way to remember to smile even if there is no one else home.  Below her face there is another daily affirmation – my morning affirmation. It reminds me that I am strong and full of light, that I speak from a place of love and kindness and are therefore returned love and kindness all day long.  I repeat the words in my head while brushing my teeth in the morning.

Building this daily meditation practice has really brought me back to building a relationship with myself.  Yes I know, imagine that…. meditation is doing for me one of the things everyone says it’s supposed to do.

Posting loving messages all over common areas of your house, your car, your desk at work… anywhere, it’s so helpful.  Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by love, and smiles… and laughter?  Giving power back to real self love is incredibly important….  even if you’re only giving yourself this “love” to stop giving yourself pain, it’s a step.  That step will eventually turn into a jump, and you will be right on board with truly believing in yourself and  your love!


7 thoughts on “Loading on the positive

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  3. nice post, I am with you on the idea of having written reminders to trust and love oneself, how easily we can forget this most basic premise! a suggestion: would it be possible to take a picture of your smiling old woman and post it on a future blog post? I would love to see her face! namaste, SB

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