For the LOVE of Water


I have been obsessed lately…..  with water.  More importantly, with Masaru Emoto – and how he views water. Sure, some people might think I am “new age” or that his theories are bunk..  but if you really look at what he teaches, all he is really promoting is peace.  I believe with all of my heart that positive and negative thoughts and words have an incredible amount of influence on our lives. You don’t need to be “new age” to agree, people project negativity onto others all the time! Every single day! If you choose to take on that negativity, turn it into something defensive… sad… hurt….  anything, no matter what you turn it into, it is impacting you. We know the same negative attitude has an impact on animals, dogs are very good at showing emotion and picking up on what their owners are feeling.

Emoto teaches that water is a life force, both to the planet and to us. If we respect that life force and infuse it with positive thoughts, it will carry them for us.  Since we are made up of mostly water, thinking these positive things will in turn be carried within ourselves.  Maybe water is just the vessel to allow people something to hold on to… photos of water crystals that have been miraculously changed by a simple label with the word “happiness”, “truth”, “harmony” and “love”… if you can see these crystals and even partially believe that they have been impacted by the energy we have given them – then you can also believe in the energy each individual puts out into the world. The energy that we emit, that trees emit, animals, everything.    Really, it’s not that new age… there have been pools of blessed water in churches all around the world for years and years and years.


This is my water filtration system, my love water as friends often call it…  there are even rose quartz hearts in my love water, delivering extra love vibes.


I’m changing my outlook on life, by changing my outlook on water.  If I can mentally deliver enormous amounts of positive thought to every glass of water that I drink in a day, imagine the amount of positive energy I am putting out into the world! Just by thinking positive thoughts about what I am drinking….   Now, imagine putting out positive thoughts about every single aspect of the day. Talk about glass half full kind of mentality! Pun.. fully intended.   Seriously though,  I know that I am lucky, I have an apartment to live in, family and friends who love me, food to eat whenever I get hungry…. and fresh water to drink.  All kinds of people on this planet do not have those things… if those who have clean drinking water, were to have nothing more to be grateful for besides the very act of turning on a tap….. and they sent that simple gratitude into their glass each time, imagine what sort of things would blossom in their life!  The power in that one positive thought, would eventually change everything.

Think about it……  mentally sending love and positive energy out to all the water in the world, it’s essentially water meditation. Higher consciousness being delivered on the back of every single little molecule…  used by plants, animals, humans…. the entire planet. Giving love to the planet.  I don’t know, I like it, it resonates with me.  Check out some of the water crystal photos he has on his gallery here.


28 thoughts on “For the LOVE of Water

  1. I’m with you 100%. I have read some great studies proving that our thoughts and intentions change both living and nonliving things within our sphere of influence (which can be anywhere in the universe if we so decide).

  2. Beautiful, Shanna. I think they featured Emoto’s work in the film “What the bleep do we know?” I completely agree with your daily practice of blessing water. I love the idea of putting love on and in your water filtration system. Thank you for this great advice.

  3. there is something very right and truthful about his study of water… for many years we had anything from pictures of rainbows to dolphins placed under our water filters. At the moment I have one of my sons drawings mostly for the magnificent magenta colour… which is all about deep love! And yes, I’ve done the crystals as well. And I have to say the water tastes sweeter. I know that’s kinda an odd way to describe it but it just seems to make it happier. Lately, I;ve read so many blogs about being grateful… I think all this collective thinking is about being awake. Living our life consciously every minute of our life. Thank you for sharing…

    • I completely agree, sweeter and fresher. It’s totally noticeable – and immediately too! I love the thought of having rainbows underneath, sounds like wonderful chakra clearing. Living life consciously every minute is key, gratitude definitely supplements that. I think if more and more people begin to shift (which seems to be what the real “2012” was about… in my little world anyway) then the planet will actually have a chance to find new and much needed balance. Thank YOU for sharing! Glad to know I’m not the only one out there with love water.

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  5. Reblogged this on 1earthnow and commented:
    What an amazing post, Dr Emoto’s work is undeniable, science says water is the universal solvent. And water resonates with your vibration through conscious intention, esp from the heart. Talk about awesome and practical advice! Spread the love…

    • Uncanny timing for this post and re-blog, for me! I recently heard about the book, “The Hidden Message of Water” and was fascinated. My girlfriend and I put together a water-based theme and intention altar for NY’s Eve, which she also blogged about. Great post, thanks!

  6. I remember having a realization in my teens that we are mostly made of water, that we are cradled in water in the womb, that the earth is mostly water, that water cycles through all things over and over. It’s the life-force 🙂

  7. My wife and I have been using Maseru Emoto’s findings about water for years now – putting words on our pitchers of water, blessing water before drinking and using it for our plants and our kitty-cat – and it works 100%.

    Thanks for posting this ~

    May our journeys flow with the New Waters of Love in 2013!


  8. Hi Shanna and Happy New Year! I’m sooo shocking at drinking water, never mind loving and nurturing it.:) Seriously, I just felt like I fell in love with water!! Lol
    What a great post, I’m going to enjoy reading your blog! You certainly do share the love.:) ……..Paula xx

  9. I learned of Emoto’s work years ago in What the Bleep, but I really needed this wonderfully written reminder to return to a practice of blessing and thanking our drinking water. Thank you SO much for sharing this lovely post.
    Namaste ~Gina

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  11. I’m sorry, but I posted the above comment to the wrong Reply link. I meant for it to go to Sprouting an Old Soul, not Rufina. I was kind of also trying to rspind to 1EarthUnited, but still hit the wrong reply link. I see the pingback here above, to the link to your blog that I put on my blog. I only posted your link, and didn’t actually copy anything from it or reblog it. I hope that’s okay. You can delete my comments here, but just let me know if I should delete the link to your blog from mine. Thanks.

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