Baking for the HOPE Team

Allowing the Christmas spirit to soak in, probably a lot more than it would have otherwise…..


I really wasn’t feeling very festive this year –  I guess over the last couple of years I have really lost the magic of Christmas.  Maybe because I haven’t been around many children, and really, it’s them who make it so magical.   This year, however, I did get to spend a lovely afternoon in a household where the magic of Christmas was more than thriving.

ImageWe were baking for the HOPE Team, Housing Outreach Prevention Engagement. A simple and festive way to give back to the people in need this holiday season. It was lovely… and although we were challenged with a “why don’t we give them a house…” instead of baking them treats…. it turned out exceptionally well. Point proven young Logan, point proven.  Maybe our baked goods weren’t as helpful as a house would have been….  but our love, time, and positive energy filled the gaps between flour and sugar.  The power in that, it has to count for something.


Round one… failed attempt at Lavender Shortbread….   well, maybe not a total fail, but by the time we took them out.. it wasn’t a sheet of nicely lined up cookies. It was a blob of giant lavendery mess.  It’s basically tradition for me – making blob cookies. Couple of Christmas’ ago I tried for sugar cookie men…  they turned into obese cookie men..  seriously. I still decorated them….  but it was a pretty big laugh to all who saw them.  Round two of the Lavender Shortbread went much, much smoother.. don’t worry!


Couple the shortbread with Quinoa Pumpkin Cupcakes…. success on the first try! Woohoo! Team effort of frosting, at one point I believe there were three of us working together with one piping bag….   one frosting, one turning the cupcake and one plugging a hole in the bag.



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