Speaking of color therapy…


This morning I woke up feeling wonderful…. maybe because I have a giant picture of Buddha’s footprint taped to the ceiling above my bed….  maybe because it’s a crisp Saturday.. maybe because I have no daytime plans….  maybe because I have a fridge full of beautifully colored fruits and vegetables – all just waiting to be passed through my juicer!  I’m going to go ahead and say all of the above!

Juicing has become a great love of mine,  it’s so rewarding! I actually enjoy going through my produce, washing, preparing, juicing..   even cleaning every piece of the juicer itself – isn’t so painful. At least it isn’t when I’m staring down the end of a tall glass of fresh homemade vitamin elixir!  I try to incorporate at least one glass per day, even if there’s no crazy blend of veg in it, something as simple as carrot & ginger will pick me up big time!


I try to balance it out…. not too sweet, not too green.   Slowly however, I have been making my juices more and more green, and adding things like cilantro for extra kick! I guess I have sort of been conditioning, adding more pure kale juice each day.  The people I work with think I’m crazy…  they thoroughly enjoy watching my facial expression as I down each bottle.


My absolute favorite juice, is beet.  Yellow, red, candy striped, doesn’t matter – beet.  It is earthy and sweet, blends well with other roots, leafy greens, and berries!


My three combinations today are:

1.) Kale, red chard, spinach, cucumber, mandarin
2.) Carrot, grapefruit, ginger
3.) Beet, raspberry, blackberry & 1 drop of mint oil

I often add the mint to my green juices, typically mint oil – simply because one drop goes a long long way, and if I am using fresh mint I tend to need a decent sized handful. Kale, apple and mint are an amazing combination!

Fresh, organic juice is so good for the us! The super fast absorption rate of all the extracted vitamins and minerals is an incredible bonus for your health. Yes, eating fruits and veggies whole is good for the body – unprocessed, raw fruit and vegetable fiber are essentially a mop and broom for your intestines. Pulling out toxins, pushing along through our bodies helping our elimination system….  but the untouched enzymes in fresh juice..  amazing.  If you think about it, we need to replenish our systems with things that our body recognizes.  And by that I’m talking… cellular wise.  Our cells recognize the compounds in natural, raw foods. Our cells recognize the minerals, the enzymes, the vitamins, the sugars… everything.  Why? Because these are similar to compounds that we are made up of as well! Obviously, our cells do not recognize hydrogenated oils and the like…  yet for so many of us, that is what we fuel up with.  Even adding one fresh juice or one green smoothie a day is a good start! It will make your cells smile… seriously.

Looking at these jars of juice….    bright orange, popping purple, natures own green…   don’t they make you feel good?They sure make me feel good!   It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am connected to my food, that I can pronounce all ingredients and am fully aware of exactly what is (and is not!) in those jars.  Now, I realize juicing isn’t for everyone, and it does take a fair amount of time… but just looking at the vital energy within those jars – doesn’t it make you FEEL good?  As an added bonus…. It’s so easy to add things to your diet that you don’t typically like with juices or smoothies too! Don’t love spinach? Toss in a handful to your morning smoothie – you won’t even taste it, I promise!


Adding things like mint oil not only cut some of the superior green taste of kale, it also promotes digestion and is aromatically a natural mood enhancer!  Peppermint wakes you up, snaps your senses to life and even stabilizes temperature. Cool! Right? Another awesome oil you could add is fennel! Adding a nice zing of licorice, fennel is a natural breath freshener, and like peppermint is great for digestion.   Of course.. you could always add fresh fennel bulb to your smoothies and juices,  but if you’re looking to start out and are concerned about cost – oil is the way to go.

One more bonus about juicing…..


Keep the pulp!  You don’t have to look into your pulp collector and feel like you’re wasting fruits and vegetables that you could have otherwise used in entirety…   Seriously, I just bag it and freeze it! Adds great fiber and texture to a smoothie, and it can be used broken off in chunks instead of ice!  Also makes a super easy addition to muffins and other baking. Don’t feel like grating carrots for morning muffins or cake…?  Yeah, I don’t typically either – but if you save your carrot pulp, you don’t have to!


4 thoughts on “Speaking of color therapy…

  1. I agree that beets are a wonderful addition for juices and smoothies. They perk up the color nicely and are good for your liver too!

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