Perfect lunchtime duo

Did you know, sunflower seeds contain more protein than beef?  I have had many words with people debating being a vegetarian, arguing the serious lack of protein.  There are so many whole plant based foods that contain enormous amount of protein, it’s insane! Look at quinoa! 16% protein in that little baby!  Arguably just as (if not .. way more) versatile as meat. You can’t toss meat – whether cooked or uncooked – into a blender… blitz it and turn it to flour! : )

It’s not as much of an argument for me because I do love fish and seafood. I don’t think I could completely give up salmon. Ever.  However, sometimes it’s just so lovely to really know that what we eat can contain almost everything that we need – whether we enjoy meat or not. As long as we choose the right foods, and eat them in an unprocessed form.  I say “almost everything we need” because now a days, things just aren’t grown like they used to be.  I completely understand that just buying organic doesn’t mean the plant itself has not been altered. Buying organic foods locally does not mean the same thing as buying an organic food imported. The rules vary from country to country, some standards are higher some lower, but they all get the “organic” sticker before they cross the boarder.   Eating good foods, whether imported or not, is so important.  The more I learn and understand how the body works, the more guilt I feel fueling it with less than wonderful foods.

I find for me personally, eating something super heavy or greasy just results in a food hangover. Especially midday!  There is nothing worse than having to sit at work feeling bloated and overly full after lunch.  I get so tired while my body tries to digest processed foods – not ideal for work!  Using marinated olives in place of regular salt, sun dried tomatoes for depth, and fresh raw garlic for a kick….This little protein packed vegetarian pate managed to taste absolutely amazing and keep me full and alert!


Sun Dried Tomato & Sunflower Seed Pate

2/3 Cup Sunflower Seeds
5 Halved Sun Dried Tomatoes (Dried)
1/3 Cup Warm Water
2-3 Kalamata Olives – Pits removed
1 Large Clove of Garlic
1 Tsp Nutritional Yeast
Drizzle of Cold Pressed Flax Oil
Fresh Pepper

First, soak the sun dried tomatoes in the warm water, doesn’t need to be for long. Few minutes will do!  Then, simple…..  Toss everything into a small blender and whirl. In place of adding extra oil to smooth the pate as it blends, use the soaking water from the tomatoes.  For an extra boost of healthy oil and plant protein serve with home made seed crackers!



One thought on “Perfect lunchtime duo

  1. Your blog is so great, I just started changing my diet to raw food, beyond the traditional fruits and salads. Great recipes are a must in order to stick to it. I’ve finally perfected my raw Flax Crackers, they’re so good I can’t stop eating them! Here’s the simple recipe I’ve found on this site:
    I look forward to your other posts and share some good “virtual food” together. 😀
    Be well!

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