Ice cream… for breakfast?

Good morning friends! Happy Saturday!


This morning….  I decided to break the rules.  I’m having ice cream for breakfast!  I don’t mean…. dairy or soy or coconut or rice… ice cream… I mean (almost)raw, totally vegan, deliciousness ice cream!


I figured…  I have no yogurt, but I have this bunch of bananas – why not!  Bananas contain tryptophan – an amino acid that our bodies convert to serotonin.  Serotonin makes us feel more happy and more relaxed… who doesn’t want that? Especially early on a Saturday!  Add to your serotonin producing ice cream…. flax seeds… goji berries… or chia seeds, as I did! Chia was used as an endurance food by Native Americans, and is great as a breakfast additive! Chia become very sticky when added to liquid, they swell with moisture and form a pudding consistency. So… they help to keep you feeling full! They are also, after flax of course, the highest source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Because bananas are so sweet already, there is no need for loads of extra sugar, it’s simple and quick.   Maybe not the right time of year…..  but I enjoyed it none the less.


Maple Breakfast Ice Cream

3 Ripe Bananas
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
(subsitute raw honey or agave to make it a fully raw breakfast)
2 Tbsp Organic Oats
Pinch of Vietnamese Cassia & Freshly Scraped Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Bean
Sprinkling of Chia Seeds

Peel and slice the bananas then place them in the freezer until soft but frozen (you can freeze in advance if you’d like also!). Add the sliced bananas, oats, spices and maple syrup to your blender and give it a whirl!  Sprinkle with chia and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Ice cream… for breakfast?

  1. Totally sold! I love both frozen banans and chia seeds and will be making this as soon as I run down on my oatmeal stash..or tomorrow. 🙂

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