Mini Hiatus

I suppose the universe was telling me to unplug, disconnect from electronic busy life….. or maybe that’s just my newly found meditative side talking.  Either way, crisis happened last week – my laptop died. I don’t mean the battery….. I mean .. the laptop. The hard drive.   What did I do? I sat down and cried.   Literally.    Going into my weekend (where I am most able to do any kind of cooking, baking, anything) and my laptop died… bye bye blog posts.. Then I learn with the hard drive failure, it’s also bye bye photos, bye bye music….  Yeah.  I figured I would take it as it was, and unplug.  Detach myself from the technology side of life and just be.  You can’t imagine the things I was able to get done!  I finally finished unpacking from my move in September, I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom,  I started two new books, went for some nice long walks….  turns out, my disconnect resulted in a total reconnect.  It was wonderful. Don’t get me wrong – I am pleased to be logging back into my blog, but I feel I am logging on with a much calmer sense of me.

Another thing I did during my week unplugged, was sprout some new greens. I was thinking after my previous sprouting post about how lovely it is to have these little micro greens, and that I would start up a new batch. The first time I did it, I took photos of every stage.. planting, watering, sprouting, growing, snipping, I was a proud plant mom. Now that I have gone through the whole process again, I am surprised to have the same feeling. Even more –  I love the fact that I am growing my own greens and herbs in my apartment.  No yard necessary for these babies!


All you need is a puck of dried coconut husk!  Soak it in some water….


Allow it to expand until it can no longer soak up anything more, then break it apart and fill your pots!


Mist them, love them, give them some sun…


A week later, I have some serious growth!   There’s basil, beet, chia, garlic chive, and then a combination of lentil, alfalfa and mustard in the silver trough.  I wanted to experiment with them and see how quickly they’d grow covered, and uncovered.  The uncovered (obviously the silver trough) had sprouted by the next day! Now as you can see, they are well on their way!

Mini hiatus….. unplugged…whatever it was – it as a very good thing. Brought me back down to earth.  Now that I feel more firmly planted (no pun intended), I am more in touch with the thought that sometimes we just really need to detach.  I am also familiar with the fact that sometimes we need to be pushed to do so.   It’s reminding me that it is how we react to everything that matters, we give things power over us. I did not have to sit down and cry, I could have rejoiced in knowing I no longer had an excuse to not do any of the things that would inevitably make me feel very tranquil.

Just as a side note….. if anyone is looking for little micro green kits, I certainly recommend these.


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